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Data Office

In 1999, Adobe Electric established Adobe Communications Electronics as a separate entity to better fulfill customer requirements for high-tech voice, data, and telecommunication and computer network systems. The company’s highly trained and qualified technicians install the most modern data communication systems in the commercial, industrial, and office markets. In addition, Adobe Communications provides its customers with:

-Single-source, turnkey solutions for all customer requirements.

-Design-build services from project conception through completion.

-The necessary supervisory expertise in the field to ensure
  the highest possible levels of network performance.

-The ability to coordinate the installation of the telecommunication phase
  of the project with completion of the tenant improvement segment.

-The ability to coordinate construction with the local telecommunication
  providers to ensure timely access to all levels of communication.

-The latest equipment to test and document the completed
  telecommunication and computer network systems, up to
  1 Gigabit Ethernet.

-The education end-users need to immediately begin using the
  new systems effectively.

-Troubleshooting services to test and diagnose existing systems
  and networks.

-Access to and consultation with a Registered Communication Distribution
  Designer (RCDD) to ensure the highest levels of engineering standards.

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